“I have been delighted by the work you have done for me… Your work is consistent, conscientious and accurate… You have been invaluable in dealing with managed care companies… I particularly appreciate your attitude towards me and your work. I have the sense you are rooting for me in my dealings with insurance and managed care companies. For you, your work is more than a job and you care about the outcomes and my success in receiving just payments… It has been a pleasure working with you. I have felt protected - I appreciate your efficiency and kindness.”
-Lawrence Lurie, MD

“As my biller, you tripled my income. I couldn’t have done my practice without you! I don’t hesitate to recommend Stronger Associates to any practice in need of a first class billing service!”
-Karen Rose, MFT

“Thank you so much for your hard work, your excellent response time, your follow through, your sweet manner, your wonderful attention to detail, your thoroughness, your dedication and generosity. I could not do it without you!”
-Helen Abel, LCSW

“It is wonderful working with you. You have made my life manageable. I deeply appreciate your follow through on detail and complex insurance issues as well as your accessibility and the personalized attention you provide.”
-Robin Cooper, MD

“Thank you for all your devotion to helping us stay organized.  And thank you for all of your hard and conscientious work. You’ve been a great assistance to us.  What would we do without you!”
        -West Portal
Counseling Associates

“I so appreciate the work you’ve been doing for me for the past several years.  The billing has gone smoothly despite the many errors on the part of the insurance companies.  I value your diligence in tracking down unpaid claims and how you remain cool despite the multiple frustrations.”
-Harry Coren, MD

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your fine work, and warm humanness …Working with you has been one of the bright and memorable experiences of this last year. Thanks for your support and presence.”
-Scott Wirth, Ph.D.





Stronger Associates

Mental Health Billing Services

PO Box 10836| Oakland CA 94601

Email: eunice@strongerassociates.com
Phone: 510-832-1109

Fax: 510-832-1183

Is your billing driving you crazy?  It doesn’t have to! 

Stronger Associates is a medical billing service that has specialized in mental health billing since 1994. By letting us handle your insurance claims submission and patient accounts, you are freed up to devote your energies to what you do best:  helping your clients deal with emotional pain.  This gives you more time to build your practice and to concentrate on other things that are important in your life. 

Description of Services

  • Patient insurance eligibility and benefits research
  • Preparation and submission of insurance claims
  • Monthly patient statements
  • Timely follow-up on unpaid and denied insurance claims
  • Helpful monthly activity and aging reports
  • Authorization tracking
  • Customization of data logs and other forms for your practice
  • HIPAA compliance consultations
  • Help with contracting with insurance companies

Eunice Stronger, the founder of Stronger Associates, moved to California in 1992.  She spent the bulk of her adult life before that living in New York City and working full time as an organizer for non-profit organizations that were very much concerned with promoting human growth and development. She helped to found and build a number of organizations from the ground up, organizing membership drives, fundraising campaigns, petitioning drives and running overall operations. The wide range of talents and skills Ms. Stronger brought to and gained from this experience over close to 35 years, gives her many strengths that she brings to her business. These strengths include: great organizational competency, a strong attentiveness to detail, excellent skills in relating to people and in building relationships – with clients, colleagues and staff, and a wide range of computer, bookkeeping, financial and administrative know-how.

Together We're Stronger

When she started Stronger Associates, Ms. Stronger decided to devote her medical billing service to the business needs of mental health professionals out of a desire to support a community of people who are interested, as she has been and remains, in helping others to grow and develop.  When you hire Stronger Associates, you hire not only a consummate business professional, you hire someone who will be devoted to you and the welfare of your clients and your business.

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